A complex of high-performance solutions for inorganic nutrition. Designed specifically for protected agriculture, fertigation systems and foliar fertilization of field crops.

Perfect physicochemical properties:

  • Guaranteed high chemical purity, environmental friendliness and high quality of products;
  • 100% water-soluble;
  • Versatility of application (suitable for drip watering, foliar fertilizing of plants, root fertilization of seedlings, fertilizing potted ornamental plants, flowers, lawns, soccer fields etc.);
  • Physiologically balanced content of nutrients to ensure proper feeding of plants;
  • No chlorine or sodium and low salt index (EC);
  • Different grades from SOLAR product line can be mixed to prepare solutions with predetermined proportions of nutrients;
  • Use of water with elevated salt content is acceptable;
  • Wide range of spray material acidity available;
  • No insoluble mineral salt deposits are formed in drippers and pipelines, which secures longer service life of drip irrigation systems.
  • A number of products in the catalog are available for industrial application. For details on such products see prom.uralchem.com website
Product portfolio: