NewAg 2013


SOLAR, a new line of water-soluble fertilizers, was officially presented to professional community and the largest market players during a key business event in the field of water-soluble fertilization and irrigation technologies – International Conference and Exhibition, held by New AG magazine. This year the New AG event was held in Rio de Janeiro and hosted leading manufacturers, largest trading networks, premium market experts, as well as representatives of end consumers, i.e. large agro-industrial holdings.

URALCHEM’s stand was fully dedicated to its new line of water-soluble fertilizers, unified under SOLAR end-to-end sub-brand. Currently SOLAR grade portfolio includes seven advanced premium-quality products, manufactured by Azot, MFP KCCW and Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers plants. These products include potassium nitrate 13:0:46 that our customers are already familiar with, as well as MAP 12:61:0 and calcium nitrate that are about to be put in mass production. In addition to these base-demand products, the line will include balanced NPK formulations. They have been developed specifically for protected ground and irrigation applications and include a complex of both basic nutrients and micro-nutrients that are equally important for crop development.

In spite of presence of reputable competitors, including recognized market leaders, such as YARA, Haifa, SQM, Innofert, Omnia etc., URALCHEM stand enjoyed one of the highest levels of attendance and, as for number and intensity of business negotiations, it even left many other exhibitors behind. «We are proud that URALCHEM chose our event to announce its objectives on water-soluble fertilizer market», said Jean-Pierre Leymonie, Managing Director of New Ag International.

«It was here, at this representative event, that we were able to confirm the soundness of our selected strategy», says Ekaterina Shutaleva, head of the Business Development Directorate Marketing Department, who is in charge of the project. «The largest traders and distributors from all around the world showed most positive reaction not only to our shiny and trendy package, but to presented products themselves as well. It was obvious from numerous negotiations and abundance of pre-orders.» «Selling such product is extremely enjoyable», adds Darya Arefieva, Manager of URALCHEM Trading SIA Export Department. «Not only is it in high demand and impressive in quality, it also looks better than competitors’ products.»

The project to enter premium, high-marginal market of water-soluble fertilizers was initiated by Business Development Directorate during a strategic session in August 2011. Implemented onsite by task groups in collaboration with Production and Business Development specialists, this project allowed prompt deployment of production of new product grades, securing their high quality and ensuring demand for such products in competitive market conditions.