It is not a secret that to achieve high crop yield it is necessary to provide crops with adequate amount of nutrients within the entire vegetation period. Improvement of crop yield can be attained only by using special fertilizer grades with appropriate ratio of nutrients. Without such fertilizers, high crop productivity is almost impossible to achieve. Crops are able to uptake nutrients in dissolved form only, so fertilizer solubility properties become even more important when used in fertigation and irrigation systems and for foliar fertilization. Taking into account these specific features of the industry, even more stringent criteria for quality and effectiveness evaluation are applied to SOLAR fertilizers. All SOLAR grades are perfectly tailored for various areas of crop production and fertilization.

  • Provide cultivated crops with all necessary nutrients;
  • Provide opportunity to control availability of nutrients to crops;
  • Three special formulae are available to satisfy crops demand for nutrients during their three main phases of development;
  • No risk of heavy metal sulfide or chloride intoxication;
  • High crop yield without risk of soil salinization;
  • Compatible with any nutrient solution application and dosing systems.
Foliar fertilization
  • Improve crop quality if applied at ripening stage;
  • Compatible with any foliar application systems;
  • Ensure quick and complete uptake of nutrients after application;
  • Improve crop resistance to sharp fluctuations of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature or humidity).

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