URALCHEM pays special attention to quality of its products. Utilization of up-to-date production processes and implementation of a series of research activities and laboratory and factory tests of products made it possible for our Company to achieve the quality level of world-known trademarks and secure a place in premium segment of agricultural market. In line with requirements of the current market, URALCHEM specialists closely track the most advanced process solutions and agrochemical research tendencies all across the world. All and any developments, implemented by the Company, serve the purpose of improving production, storage, packing and transportation processes, i.e. all those aspects that jointly contribute to impeccable quality of products.

One of the Company’s strategic initiatives involves research of agricultural performance of fertilizers, both those in production and those under development, quality tests of products and estimation of innovations to be implemented, and production safety monitoring.

To ensure independent monitoring of production quality and stability, URALCHEM also collaborates with a number of leading international R&D centers and institutes etc. These include laboratories and global companies, operating in the field of chemical product audit, such as INtertek, Salamon&Seaber (UK), SADEF (France), Eurofins (Scandinavia), Groen Agro Control (Netherlands), Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), ЕС Inspectorate (Baltic States and Russia) etc.

All URALCHEM production capacities have been certified for compliance with up-to-date international quality and environmental management standards (ISO 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc.). To confirm reliability and stability of process solutions in use, our facilities undergo a wide range of external and internal environmental audits on a regular basis.

Due to our multi-aspect internal control system, all independent tests and studies invariably show that URALCHEM products both excel in quality and meet the stringiest EC and UN requirements.

The Company works diligently to ensure that all fertilizers under SOLAR trademark are in full conformity with declared physiochemical and agricultural properties and are able to perform so that the highest crop yield is achieved.