Monoammonium Phosphate special water-soluble (MAP 12:61)

Due to 100% water solubility, SOLAR MAP is a great source of nitrogen and phosphorus in readity available for plants form. Monoammonium Phosphate application is particularly efficient at early development stages, when root systems formation takes place. When applied in a mixture with other fertilizers*, water-soluble Monoammonium Phosphate provides plants with nutrients along entire vegetation period.

Appearance White crystals
Nitrogen (ammoniacal form),% 12±0.3
Water-soluble phosphates P2O5, % 61±0.5
Moisture content, max,%  0.3
Insolubles, max,%  0,1
pH (1% solution)
Solubility (in water at 25 °C), g/100 cm3
Methods and Rates of Application:

Applied as a solution for root fertilization.

Root fertilization:
Technical crops 0.2 % solution (2.0 g/l of water)
Ornamental and berry crops 0.15 % solution (1.5 g/l of water)
Fruit trees 0.15 % solution (1.5 g/l of water)
Foliar fertilization:

The solution is applied onto leaves by a sprayer in the following quantities:

Vegetables, technical crops, fruit trees,
berry crops and flowers
1 % solution (10 g/l of water)
Packing, transportation and storage:

25 kg PE bags (palletized) and 1,000 kg big-bags.
Store in a dry and waterproof place, away from the exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.*MAP should not be mixed with fertilizers containing Ca and Mg