Calcium nitrate concentrated

Calcium nitrate is fully soluble in water and readily available calcium source for plants. Calcium plays a key role in forming cell walls and membranes. Calcium nitrate improves resistance of plants to stress factors,impacts quality of fruits and extends their shelf life.Application of calcium is required throughout entire vegetation period, because it is heavily redistributed between different plant organs.

Appearance White granules
Total nitrogen (N),% 17±1
Ammoniacal nitrogen, max,% 0.3
Calcium on CaO basis,min,% 33
Moisture content, max, % 3
Insolubles, max, % 0.1
Methods and Rates of Application:

Equally effective both for soil fertilization and for use in irrigation, fertigation and drip irrigation systems.

Root fertilization recommended dosage:
Technical crops 0.2 % solution (2.0 g/l of water)
Ornamental and berry crops 0.15-0.2 % solution (1.5-2 g/l of water)
Fruit trees 0.15-0.2 % solution (1.5-2 g/l of water)
Foliar fertilization:

The solution is applied onto leaves by a sprayer in the following quantities:

Vegetables, technical crops, fruit trees,
berry crops and flowers
1 % solution (10 g/l of water)

CAUTION! Calcium nitrate should not be mixed with fertilizers containing phosphates and sulphates.

Packing, transportation and storage:

25 kg PE bags (palletized) and 1,000 kg big-bags.
Store in a dry and waterproof place, away from the exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.