СТАРТ 15:31:15+MЭ

STARTER 15:31:15+TE


Total nitrogen (N), % 15
of which
Nitric nitrogen, % 6,5
Ammoniacal nitrogen, % 8,5
Amide nitrogen, % -
Water-soluble phosphates as P2O5, % 31
Potassium (K2O), % 15
Magnesium as MgO, % -
Sulfur as SO3, % -
Microelements (* – in chelated form), %, min.:
- Boron (B) 0,02
- Copper (Cu)* 0,01
- Iron (Fe)* 0,1
- Manganese (Mn)* 0,05
- Molybdenum (Mo) 0,01
- Zinc (Zn)* 0,01
Detailed information
Products from the NPK Micro STARTER line are suitable for fertigation and foliar application of most crops (cereals, oil-crops, technical crops and vegetables. Balanced content of key micronutrients in chelate form in addition to high phosphorus content ensures healthy growth and development of plans during early growth stages.

NPK Micro STARTER stimulates root system development and improves the uptake of nutrients.

Unique technology of mixing large crystals and small prills allows to maintain high quality of the product during the whole shelf life (it neither flakes nor cakes).
The solution is applied onto leaves by a sprayer in the following quantities:
Cereal crops 0.7-1 % solution (7-10 g/l of water)
Technical crops 0.8-1 % solution (8-10 g/l of water)
Fruit crops 0.6-1 % solution (6-10 g/l of water)
25 kg PE bags (palletized) and 1,000 kg big-bags.

Store in a dry place, away from the exposure to direct sunlight.
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